How to Add a Multiple Tabs Close Warning Dialog in Google Chrome?

If you haven’t heard, few days ago Google Chrome surpassed Firefox web browser’s popularity according to Statcounter (a web site analytic service). But despite all these “good” things about Chrome many still use (including me) the fully open source, highly secure Mozilla Firefox.

But that being said, I too use both Chrome and Chromium from time to time. Chrome loads fast and I like its simple user interface. A

But apart from all these good thing about Chrome it has few nasty habits that most aren’t quite fond of. The famous web page zooming issue is one example but that’s not what I’m gonna talk today.

Ahh finally! 😉 …

Have you ever accidentally (especially if you’re “coming from” Firefox) clicked the “close” button in Chrome while multiple tabs opened? and Google Chrome just close the whole tabs without asking you! (errrr).

Although you can recover them but I think many find it a nasty feature. So if you’ve been looking for a way to make Chrome display a warning message (just like in Firefox) when closing a window filled with multiple tabs, then you should checkout this Window Close Protector extension.

What it does is simple. After installing it whenever you close windows with multiple tabs opened, Chrome will give a warning message. And you can either close the window or cancel it!.

You can use its options page to adjust two main settings.


*. Minimum Tab Age (default value = 15 seconds) :

It means that if you have opened multiple tabs but they were all opened before 15 seconds go by, then the extension won’t give you a warning and will let Chromium close all of them.

*. Unprotected After Prompt (default value = 10 seconds): This is the interval between each warning dialog.

For instance after receiving the first warning message which saved you a lot of trouble yet let’s say that again you hit that damn Close button (after 7 seconds), then a warring won’t be shown thus the window with tabs will be closed.

Anyhow, it’s not like the most highly rated extension out there and seems to have few bugs (for some). But just worked excellently for me, so a big thanks goes to the developer. However if you know of a better one, I’m more than willing to hear mates!. Enjoy it.

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