Mixxx (DJ App) 1.12 Pushes Towards the Final Release, RC 1 Calls for a Version Rename

Free & open-source, packed with a gorgeous interface and a set of features, Mixxx is a great alternative to some of the commercial DJ applications out there. And as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the upcoming version also includes a much improved beat-matching engine (‘Queen Mary’) which is quite exciting too 🙂 .

Talking of the upcoming release, the current beta arrived around in April, 2015. And after almost 8 months of development, Mixxx team has just released the release candidate of Mixxx 1.12, and they have two major announcements.

First one is that from now on, Mixxx 1.12 will be renamed to Mixxx 2.0 (it resembles a new beginning, though it’s not, I like it 😀 ). Secondly, and more importantly, if everything goes according to plan, Mixxx 2.0 could well be officially released before the new year arrives!.


Now if you use Ubuntu 15.10, 15.04, 14.04 and 12.04, then Mixxx provides the beta versions through its beta PPA which makes the installation a breeze. However, if you already use the current official release, then make sure to remove it first, before attempting to install Mixxx 2.0 rc 1.

To install Mixxx 2.0 rc 1, open up your terminal window and enter the below command:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mixxx/mixxxbetas

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install mixxx

That’s it.

If you use a non Debian based distribution, say Fedora, then you can build Mixxx 2.0 (yes it involves tying a few commands, but it’s super easy!.). I’ve written a simple guide for that, read it, if interested.

For Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X users, please visit the official Mixxx download page for obtaining the packages. If you find any bugs or issues, please be kind enough to report them.

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