MediaHuman Audio Converter: Easy to use Audio Converter for Windows & Mac OS X

‘MediaHuman Audio Converter’ is an extremely simple and intuitive free audio converter that uses ‘ffmpeg’ (open-source multimedia file handling library) for the actual encoding. Not just audio-to-audio conversion, but you also can ‘extract’ an audio track inside a video file (by encoding) as well.

It kinda feels like the user interface is ‘exclusively’ designed to ‘fit in’ under Mac OS X, because in Windows 7 the tool-bar icons for instance, don’t look that neat (have few rough edges it seems :D). But then again, when compared with its usability, I think it’s totally neglectable anyway.

Supports a huge number of audio codecs (mainly thanks to ‘ffmpeg’), ‘multithereaded’ batch file conversions (if you have a CPU with multiple cores, then it’ll use all the available cores, depending on the needs), input a large number of video formats, and though it has a simple user interface, still gives you a reasonable amount of options too.


Few main features …

*. You can convert between: MP3, OGG Vorbis, AAC, AC3, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AMR are just a few to mention!.

*. Some of the supported video formats (input): FLV, MP4, AVI, MKV, VOB, MPEG, DAT, MOV, DV, WMV etc.

*. Remove the ‘source file’ after converting (disabled by default).

*. Manually limit the number of CPU cores to be used while encoding.

*. Change the output folder (or save in the same location as of the source file).

*. Choose built-in ‘presets’ or change other audio codec related settings. Such as: bit-rate, audio channels (mono, stereo and 5.1) and sample rate.


*. Make it only use ‘iTunes’ compatible formats (disabled by default).

These are some of its main features to mention.

Using the application is pretty simple. Just drag and drop the files you want, choose the preferred audio format and click on the icon with two arrows (up & down). That’s it!.

As said, it uses two open source tools (‘ffmpeg’, and ‘Qt4 toolkit’ for the user interface designing), but I don’t think the application itself is an open source one. But then again, most users don’t really care whether it’s ‘open’ or not, as long as it gets the job done (plus, if it’s free ;-)).

If interested, you can download it from this page. Good luck.

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