Mandriva’s new Multimedia Player – “ROSA”

Mandriva is among the first few (2nd or third actually) GNU/Linux distributions that I came across when I started to “play” with GNU/Linux few years ago. Although I haven’t used it in years but back then it was “known” for its speed, awesome multimedia support (meaning the proprietary codecs mainly) and ease of use (excellent “control center”).

The distro is oriented around Qt (like many other Europe based distros) UI framework rather than GTK and by default it comes pre-installed quite a few multimedia players which was awesome as at that time I was a bit frustrated by the previous daunting RedHat GNU/Linux experience where I had manually install them by compiling.

I don’t know if this is a reason but to me they always seemed to have conservative ideas (?) about supporting proprietary software so perhaps it’s that which has led them to understand the importance of having a multimedia player of their own, that plays both free and proprietary codecs by default.

Yesterday Denis Koryavov announced (the developer) the release of this all new default multimedia player for Mandriva distribution called “ROSA” (still at beta stage). It’s actually a front-end that uses the awesome MPLayer as the playback engine and the UI is based on the SMPlayer.

But if you’ve been using SMPlayer then after seeing its screenshots, they’ve done a lot of changes too.

This seems like a pretty powerful player because other than playing your naughty multimedia files ;-), it can also be used as a desktop screen recorder and can even record/edit streaming video content (supports both Firefox and Chromium via a plugin) as well.

I think if Ubuntu want to go big then they too might need to consider of having some sort of a dedicated/unique multimedia player of their own because in my experience, Totem is not a “versatile” multimedia player, it sucks!. Wouldn’t you like Ubuntu to have an all purpose multimedia player?? Although not everyone is a power user but rather than simplifying too much you can always come up with something that fits in-between (if you know what I meant).

Anyhow, for all you lucky Mandriva fans, Denis is asking for your feedback and suggestions. So if you feel like you have few suggestions of your own for “ROSA” then make sure to throw some comments at him (use the above link). Good luck.

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