Make Use Of These Elementary OS (Luna) Keyboard Shortcuts

Few days ago, the ‘Elementary OS’ developers released the first Beta version of the upcoming ‘Luna’ OS (based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). I took it for a spin, and so far, I’m happy with it, though there are some issues that need to be addressed.

For example, there is no minimize button on the window controls, and the only way to minimize and restore an application window is by using its icon on the ‘Plank Dock’. However, once minimized, except for its icon, there is no way of knowing whether that particular app is minimized or not.

Now, this is fine for an app as long as its shortcut is not added to the ‘Dock’. But let’s say that I had added the ‘Terminal’ window’s icon to the ‘Dock’ and then had it minimized to the ‘Dock’, after opening. Then the only way to know if I had it minimized or not, is to click its icon (there are few ways actually, but they require unnecessary efforts in my opinion).

Same ‘popup tip’ is shown, for both opened and unopened applications …

And if in fact, it was not minimized, then by clicking on its icon will make it open, unnecessarily.

So hopefully, the developers will take care of this issue. Other than that, and ‘Dock’ crashing here and there, I had no other major issues while using it. For a Beta release, it looks good.

Anyway, if you are too using it right now, then they have also published a list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts that might come in handy for some. If interested please visit this page to learn about them.


Note: Like many commentators on that page, if you too got confused by the ‘⌘’ character, then remember, it stands for the ‘Windows Key‘ (the key that has a small MS Windows logo on it).

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