What is LogTransport2.exe Process? How to Fix the Error

LogTransport2.exe is part of the Adobe Acrobat application developed by Adobe. The logtransport2.exe file is responsible for sending information to the Adobe server using the UDP protocol. Information related to the system and application is tracked and uploaded in the backend. In this post, we will talk more about the file and how to fix the related application error.

Before we begin, let us first understand the root cause of the logtransport2.exe error message.

When the user tries to put the system on sleep mode or shut down, the application keeps running in the background, sending system information to Adobe. When the system is shut down or put on sleep, the data transfer to Adobe stops suddenly and throws a logtransport2.exe error.

Logtransport2.exe sends usage data that can be opted-out by going to Adobe.com portal -> user profile -> privacy and disabling below two options:


As soon these two options are disabled, and Adobe runs a schedule update on its network, changes made in the user profile replicated to all Adobe installed applications and the issue should be resolved.

In the worst case, if even after disabling it didn’t resolve the issue, then the user is suggested to try the below troubleshooting steps to rectify the problem.

How to fix LogTransport2.exe Application Error?

Perform Adobe Acrobat Update:

Yes, you heard it right before we perform the deep troubleshooting step. It is a smart way to try small things, which makes a significant impact.

Two ways we can perform the updates:

  • Launch Adobe Creative Cloud App
  • Look for Adobe Acrobat -> Update
  • Wait for the update to complete, launch the application and test performance

If in case no updates are available under the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application, please try the below steps:

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat
  • Help menu -> click on “Check for Updates”
  • Wait for some time for the system to check and perform the update

Perform Clean Boot:

This method doesn’t fix the issue, but it helps narrow down any third-party application that is causing the problem.

We have seen cases where third-party applications have blocked access for another application, which affects performance.

To perform a clean boot process, you need to have administrator privileges:

  • Go to start -> search for “MSConfig” -> enter
  • You will see the System Configuration window
  • Go to Services tab -> at the bottom corner -> click on “Hide all Microsoft services.”
  • Now only those services that are not associated with Microsoft will be visible ->. Click on “Disable all.”
  • In the next step, go to Startup tab -> Open Task Manager -> and disable all services whose status is “Enabled” to “Disabled” -> Apply ok and restart

Once the PC is restarted, launch Adobe Acrobat, work on it for a few seconds and observe how it works.

Disable Adobe Acrobat service:

This is another way out to fix the logtransport2.exe. In this step, users can disable the AcroTray services from Task Manager by launching it from the start screen -> disabling AcroTray.exe from the start-up tab.


After disabling AcroTray services, the system will start working correctly, and the user won’t encounter the error.

However, there is a catch; the context menu feature in Adobe Acrobat will not work once the service is closed.

Hence, the user is advised to take the call based on the context menu feature requirement.

Disable Adobe Acrobat Add-ins:

The UDP port that communicates to the Adobe server in the back end sometimes causes an error when communicating when a user initiates system shutdown.

To disable COM port, go to options menu in Acrobat -> Add-ins -> Manage COM Add-ins and uncheck Adobe.

This will stop UDP communication and should fix the issue immediately.

Uninstall/Disable VPN Application:

It might sound funny to disable or remove the VPN application while troubleshooting the LogTransport2.exe process error.

But it is found by many users that when PC is connected to the VPN.  Then LogTransport2.exe process goes into a CPU hogging loop.

This sometimes breaks the Acrobat backend service connection, and it either hangs the application altogether or crashes with LogTransport2.exe process error.

This issue’s main reason is OpenVPN, as it uses LZO compression and decompression of the tunnelling encryption mechanism.

So while the VPN communicates over a secured network, the UDP/TCP ports that are usually active on the system abruptly stop sending UDP data, and hence it crashes.

Remove and Reinstall Acrobat:

There are times when the installed version is not working properly due to updates getting corrupt or some of the application features are not functioning correctly.

If you use Acrobat a lot, then some of the preset created causes random crashes or error messages.

In those scenarios, it is advised to use the Acrobat clean-up and repair tool to remove old traces of the program and prepare it to accept Adobe Acrobat’s fresh installation.

System Refresh or Reset Windows:

There are times when even after removing and reinstalling the application doesn’t solve the issue. This is because the registry is corrupt, and it has to be repaired to work properly for a new version of Acrobat.

If you have already tried all other steps, that could have solved the problem. However, the issue remains the same. We will either refresh the system to reset the Windows 10 or Windows 11 to factory settings by keeping all personal files and settings intact or reset Windows if the system refresh fails.

To begin with system refresh:

  • Go to start -> in the search box type “settings” -> enter
  • Click on “Change PC settings” -> select “Update and recovery” -> “Recovery”
  • Now under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, tap or click Get started.
  • Refresh screen will open where the user needs to select the appropriate option to start the system refresh process
  • After the system refresh is complete, you can download and install a fresh copy of Adobe Acrobat and test how it works

To Reset Windows:

  • Go to start -> in the search box type “settings” -> enter
  • In the “Windows Setting” window, click on “Update and Security.”
  • Now Navigate to Recovery -> “Reset this PC.” 
  • The system will take a while once the “Reset this PC” button is clicked, and it will remove all installed programs and settings
  • The system will automatically reboot and inform you once the process is complete
  • After the successful Windows reset, please download & install a fresh copy of Acrobat and perform the task you were doing earlier to validate the fix.

By following the above suggestions, there are high chances the issue will be resolved. In the worst case, if the problem persists, then a clean installation of Windows might be required, which will remove all personal files and folders.

Do let us know in the comment section below if you have ever encountered this error and how you troubleshoot it.

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