LightTasks: A Simple Task Timer

If you’re a really busy computer user (nerd! ;-)) who’s looking for a simple and an easy to use task timer, then “LightTasks” will come in handy. It’s an open source tool, the UI is written in using the Qt toolkit, completely free and runs in MS Windows and GNU/Linux OS platforms.

The Windows installer actually is a single executable file, thus you can use it as a portable app in Windows as it doesn’t require any installation. However, other than “Arch Linux”, currently it doesn’t have packages for other GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu for example (unless you’re willing to compile it yourself, yikes!).

Main features …

*. Rename existing tasks.


*. Pause and resume tasks.

*. Lets you manually change the time.

*. Move tasks up/down.

*. Reset the time to zero.


*. Delete tasks.

*. The currently active task or tasks (if you’re a multitasker :D) are highlighted in Green and paused ones are shown in a light Pink color (when you click on a task it’ll either be activated or deactivated).

*. You can hide its window using its icon in the notification area (don’t use the “close” button for that as it’ll exit the app!).

Update (2012/03/21): The developer has fixed this issue so go ahead and close it :).


*. Resumes form the last exit (automatically loads task lists and their durations etc) when you run it again.

That’s it!.

If interested you can get it from this LightTasks project page.

But as said, please remember that this is a simple task timer and currently doesn’t have other features such as the ability to categorize etc. But it definitely has its uses. Enjoy! (thanks “Bhuiyan ” for creating it).

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2 thoughts on “LightTasks: A Simple Task Timer”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing a detailed post about Light Tasks. You are the third person to mention the close button not hiding the app. So thats definitely going in the next version :). A friend of mine will be making a PPA for this soon so that should make it easier for ubuntu users to try it out. Also it should be easy to port this to mac, but I don't have the resources to build it.



    • First of all, you are welcome :).

      And as soon as it hits the Ubuntu PPA, I'll update the post. Thanks for dropping by for a comment. Appreciate it.


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