Things to Know About Corporate Videos in Melbourne

The visual medium is undoubtedly more effective than the written content nowadays. Studies have shown the brain’s capacity to process visuals faster and retain them longer than other mediums, such as text.

Perhaps that’s the reason behind corporations and multinational companies in Australia taking advantage of videos to achieve various objectives, from expanding their brand’s awareness to providing safety instructions to their employees.

Almost 60% of businesses in Australia utilize videos as a part of their marketing strategies, as the traffic from online videos is about 79%. If you want to get corporate video in Melbourne done by a video production company, you must first know the process, especially if it is your first time. You must be aware of the purpose of a corporate video, the elements involved in it, how it differs from marketing, and other related information.


What is a Corporate Video?

Melbourne is home to around 16,700 establishments, including small businesses and several multinational companies’ headquarters. Most of them have realized the role videos play in their business goals and, naturally, are constantly looking for ways to capture their audience’s attention through the digital medium.

A corporate video refers to any non-advertisement based video intended for a target audience and consists of specific messages they wish to put in front of the public. Companies also use them to inform shareholders about their latest achievements or provide training to their employees.

Difference between corporate and marketing videos

Corporate videos differ from marketing videos because the latter aim to sell a particular product or service to a general audience to attract customers and retain the existing ones and is a part of a marketing campaign.

While the objective of a corporate video is to sell the organization itself as a brand and showcase its achievements, marketing videos highlight a particular product released by the company to attract more clients. It is interesting to note that companies spend more than 60% of advertising revenues in Australia through the digital channel. Digital advertising grew by more than 28% in the first quarter of 2021.

What are the types of corporate videos?

“Corporate video” is an umbrella term for various films produced with a specific goal in mind, and here are some examples.

1) Social media videos

Social media is famous in Melbourne and Australia, with more than 20.5 million active Australians. Data also shows that more than 32.4% of Australians take the help of unique media platforms to find out about a brand. Because of its importance in the country, these videos are popular amongst companies.

They usually encourage the viewer to share the video and draw their attention by adding interesting links to the video.

2) Email videos

As the name suggests, an email video is a mail that contains videos that the company attached directly into its body rather than as separate links or attachments. Some companies choose to use the video’s screenshot with a play button.

Most companies in Melbourne and Victoria choose email videos to send a message because the average CTR (click-through rate, defined as the rate at which users open emails) in Australia is around 21%, significantly higher than countries such as the UK and USA. It is also above the global CTR average of 18%.

3) Testimonial videos


Testimonial videos are compelling, so companies use them to the fullest extent. According to a survey, about 98% of Australians prefer watching videos by other customers before making a purchase, and 94% believe in testimonials’ reliability. Most companies prefer putting forth a list of questions to the customers and providing the answers to make the process more transparent.

This information will be helpful if you decide to get a corporate video in Melbourne done by a professional video production company. Using a video is the best way of expanding your company’s reach, increasing your brand’s awareness, interacting with your employees and shareholders, and achieving any other goals you might have.

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