KMPlayer updated with Blu-ray support, Improved Playback, new Home Page and more

‘KMPlayer’ is my favorite multimedia player for the Windows platform. It’s completely free, supports playing almost all the popular audio/video codecs and container formats, ‘3D’ playback, has a huge number of other options (which is extremely handy while enhancing the output quality and playing ‘bad quality’ files). And when compared with most other players it uses less CPU or system resources in general … it’s a life saver :).

Few days ago they released the version which brought the Blu-ray support, added support for few codecs, have fixed a lot of AVI (I too have been experiencing issues while playing those lately)/MKV/ASF/RMV issues, a ‘web search bar’ that lets you search for anything (in Google and Yahoo!) and few more bug fixes as usual.

And also, few hours ago they announced its brand new home page called ‘’, it’s a pretty nice site when compared with the old forum as the new site helps anyone to quickly gets an idea what KMP is all about. Including easy to find download links and a link to the official/old forum if you wanna get more help etc.

From the user’s point of view, it’s a nice move, I love it! (congratulations to the KMP team).

Featuring the new ‘web search bar’ …

If you’re an experienced or a new user to KMP and wanna know more about it, then why not visit this new ‘KMPMedia’ home page :). Good luck.

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