IPConfig: Easily view IP addresses related data of your Network in Windows

If you ever wanted to quickly fetch some of the important, IP address related data (such as your Computers’ IP address, Gateway address etc …) in Windows, and don’t like to used the command-prompt that much, then it can be a bit hectic as you gotta go through ‘few steps’ first.

First you’d have to choose the proper network from the notification area, then go the ‘Control Panel’, click on the proper network icon, clicking on its ‘Properties’ window and so on.

But, by using a free & open source (GNU GPL licensed) utility like ‘IPConfig’, you’ll be able to view almost all the ‘major’ IP addresses related information of your network (s) almost instantly. It shows you:

*. Your (internal) IP address.

*. Subnet Mask.


*. External IP address (the IP address of your server, say that you’re inside a home network).

*. Gateway address.

*. DNS server address (also shows whether you’re using a dynamic or manual DNS addresses) and DNS Suffix.

*. Network adapter’s name.

*. Hostname.

*. MAC address of your Network adapter.

*. Current network speed (this feature did not work while I was using it though).

*. Only supports the Windows platform.

If interested, you can download it from this ‘IPConfig’ project page.

But please remember that, other than ‘showing’ these data, it won’t be able let you change or even copying them. But still, because it makes it easy to view these details from a single Window, it has its uses :). Enjoy!.

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