Install Popular Themes, Icons, Indicators & Tweak Ubuntu with ‘Custubuntu’

‘Custubuntu’ is a new software utility for the Ubuntu desktop that automates the process of installing few popular themes, icons, indicators and applying few tweaks. It is still in development, therefore some functions do not work. But it can be a handy tool for getting some common things done anyway.

As you can see from the below screenshot, its main window has three tabs (‘Themes’, ‘Icons’ and ‘Indicators). And most of the time, when you click on a button, it opens up the Terminal and asks you to enter the password (for applying ‘sudo’ privileges) and the rest is pretty much automatic.

The ‘Themes’ tab lets you install some popular themes such as Mac OS Lion, Win 2-7 (Windows 7 theme for Ubuntu), Adwaita etc. You can also install the ‘Nemo’ file manager (of Linux Mint) or apply the ‘SolusOS’ nautilus patch, enable/disable the ‘global menu’ and the ‘overlay scrollbars’ (not working yet), move window controls to left or right side (not yet working) etc.

Some of the windows in the ‘Themes’ tab overlap with others. So hopefully, ‘matei cezar’ (developer) will fix it when it is officially released …

You can also install a lot of icon themes for Ubuntu such as Faenza, Mac OS X, Crunchy, Kalahari, Awoken and more from the ‘Icons’ tab.

The ‘Indicator’ tab lets you install a large number of useful indicators such as the Classic menu, My Weather, Shutter , multiload, Calender, Lockit, Trash etc. I have not installed all of them, but I did tried few randomly and they all got installed in my Ubuntu 12.10 without any issues.

Update (21/12/2012): ‘Caezsar’ the developer, was actually kind enough to let me know that this was designed to run on Ubuntu 12.04 rather than 12.10. So be aware of that.


I tested it in Ubuntu 12.10 only, but might also work in other recent version such as 12.04 as well. Another thing, ‘Custubuntu’ can only install packages and does not support uninstalling them (you’ll have to do that manually), which otherwise is very useful for a new user.

Anyway, if interested, you can install it in Ubuntu by first going over to this page and then download the ‘.deb’ package (supports both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures). Once the download completes, double click on it and follow the instructions of Ubuntu Software Center to install it.

Note: Software Center gave me a warning saying that ‘this package is of bad quality’, which I of course ignored. However, as mentioned in the beginning, this is still a new software utility, so not all of the functions work and there might be bugs as well.

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    • Hello ‘Caezsar’,

      Thanks for letting me know that, have updated the post. It would be nice if you could make it available for 12.10 too though :).


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