How to Install Skype 4.1 on Linux Mint 14

Skype 4.1 was recently released bringing audio/video quality enhancements, improved stability, bug fixes etc. If you use Linux Mint 14 and is also new to GNU/Linux, then installing Skype might become troublesome, simply because there is no package listed for Linux Mint on the download page.

So I thought coming up with a simple ‘how to’ post might come in handy for those. For installing it, please follow the below instructions.

Step 1:

Since Linux Mint 14 is based on the Ubuntu 12.10’s core, we can use the Skype pre-built package provided for Ubuntu in Linux Mint 14 as well. But, there is actually no package listed for Ubuntu 12.10 either. However, a package for 12.04 LTS is available and that is what we need.

So, go to this page and move your mouse pointer over the ‘Download Now’ button. Then from the drop-down list, choose the package called ‘Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch)‘ (this package supports both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, hence the name ‘multiarch’) and save it to your hard disk.



Update (02/13/2013): It seems that some of you are getting an error from the package installer (in ‘Step 2’, below) saying that it has failed to fetch a certain version of ‘mysql’ package. So, as suggested by the commentators, I have decided to add an additional command that should fix it for you.

Open your Terminal and enter the below command before you go to the next step.

sudo apt-get update


Step 2:

Then double click on the downloaded file, and Mint will open it using a package installer called ‘GDebi’.

Once this utility done scanning the Skype package, it might give you a message saying that there is an older version of Skype is available in the official repository and you might be better off with it since it is ‘better supported’.

But, since our aim is to install the latest version of Skype, just close that message box and click on the ‘Install Package’ button instead, as shown below.


Step 3:

After that, wait for few minutes (depends on your internet connection) while ‘GDebi’ downloads other packages required by Skype. Once the installation finishes, you will be notified and then close the installer window.

That’s it, now you should have installed Skype!.


For opening it, search for ‘skype’ on the Start Menu or, you can click on the ‘Internet’ sub menu and locate it from there as well.

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12 thoughts on “How to Install Skype 4.1 on Linux Mint 14”

  1. I tried what you said to do. I keep getting these errors though.

    Failed to fetch 404 Not Found
    Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

    I even tried a direct connection through ethernet (I use a laptop) and it still won’t install, I keep getting the same errors. Could you please help?

    • Hi Brett,

      I’m now using Ubuntu 12.10 so I cannot figure out the exact reason. But, I had a look at the ‘404 Not Found’ link and the reason that you get these errors is beacuse these packages are not in the repositories anymore (they have been replaced by newer versions).

      So my guess is that, updating your ‘package-index’ should do the trick as the package manager is still looking for those older versions seems to be the issue. If that is the case, then you should be able to fix it easily.

      For that, open the Terminal window and enter the below command.

      sudo apt-get update

      Wait till it finishes everything. Then close its window and try to installing ‘Skype’ afterwards. Hopefully, that will fix your issue.

      Did it help ?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I would however suggest that you update the article and add a step to put sudo apt-get update in the terminal (like with Earl) since they’re no longer there and it works with it.

    • Hi Charlie,

      This is somewhat a common issue on recent version of Ubuntu & Skype. I honestly don’t know what to do. However, before you try to install the package, make sure to update the OS with the latest packages. Also make sure to use the below command, so that the OS has up-to-date repository information.

      sudo apt-get update

      If it still doesn’t work, then try downloading the ‘Skype’ package called ‘Debian 7.0 (multiarch) & try to install that.


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