Install ‘QupZilla’ (fast loading web browser) on openSUSE 12.3 KDE

openSUSE 12.3 KDE‘ version comes with two web browsers. First we have ‘Firefox’ and then ‘Konqueror’. Now ‘Konqueror’ is a native KDE application and thus, its UI has a lot of menus etc, and it is a little bit too much for my taste :).

However, I wouldn’t mind it that much since I usually use Firefox. But, if you’re a KDE user looking for a native KDE web browser, based on WebKit, that has a simple UI, yet don’t like Chrome/Chromium as they come with various licenses (not all are compatible with ‘GNU’), then try ‘QupZilla’.

Make no mistakes though, ‘QupZilla’ also gives you access to a lot of settings from its ‘Preferences’ page, but I like its main window as it has a clean look to it (based on ‘Qt’). Plus, not just the web pages, but the browser itself opens really fast (specially when comparing with Firefox) as well.


‘QupZilla’ is hosted in ‘openSUSE’ repositories, but it’s disabled by default. If you want to try it out, then follow the below instructions.

Open ‘Konsole’ and enter the below commands.

sudo zypper addrepo

sudo zypper install qupzilla

When asked for the ‘key conformation’, type ‘a’ and press Enter. That’s it!. For getting more information about ‘QupZilla’, please visit this page.

P.S: Another useful feature of ‘QupZilla’ is that, if you had multiple tabs opened and tried to close the browser window (accidentally), then rather than just closing them, ‘QupZilla’ will give you a warning instead.

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