Install ‘LMMS’ 0.4.13 on openSUSE 12.3 KDE

‘LMMS’ (Linux Multimedia Studio) is an open-source, completely free, digital audio workstation that’s considered by many as one of the best alternatives for proprietary, commercial tools such as ‘FL Studio’.

It has a song-editor, Beat & baseline editor (including a piano-roll for adding complicated notes), powerful FX Mixer (supports up to 64 FX channels), track automation, a cool collection of instruments (plugins), a collection of audio samples (basses, beats, instruments, effects etc), BPM changer, add introduction notes to your projects, user-friendly interface and more.

LMMS also supports running under ‘ALSA’, ‘PulseAudio’, ‘OSS’ & ‘JACK’ sound servers, plus ‘SDL’, change the audio buffer, tweak the UI a bit more and those various individual editor windows can also be enabled/disabled easily as well. Another useful feature of is that, you can import FL Studio project files directly into LMMS!. These are again, some of its features to mention.



Installing LMMS in ‘openSUSE’ is pretty easy, but first, we have to enable a repository. If you have already installed the multimedia codecs or have followed my previous article on how to install VLC on ‘openSUSE’, then you can skip the first step and go directly into ‘Step 3‘.

Step 1:

First download this file and then extract the file inside it to your ‘Home’ folder.

Step 2:

Then open ‘Konsole’ (terminal emulator in KDE) and enter the below command.

sudo mv packman.repo /etc/zypp/repos.d/

Step 3:

Now enter the below two commands.

sudo zypper refresh

sudo zypper install lmms

That’s it!.

‘LMMS’ is a cross-platform utility, for downloading packages for other OS platforms, please visit this page. Good luck.

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  1. Awesome yesterday i tried installing LMMS and was unable
    But today it got installed
    Thanks a lot

    You are awesome
    OpenSUSE is awesome


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