How to Install FoxitReader 1.1 on Fedora (22, 21…)?

‘FoxitReader’ was a very popular PDF reader among  the GNU/Linux users, but sadly, Foxit no longer develops the GNU/Linux version and the previously existed official download links are now gone as well.

To tell you the truth, these days, I don’t think it’s a big deal at all, because there are much better alternatives in GNU/Linux that easily outperform the old FoxitReader.

However, if you still want to use it on your RPM based distribution such as on Fedora 22, then let me tell you a secret 🙂 , even though the packages are no longer available through the official download page, they’ve still being hosted in the official Foxit download mirrors!.


Depending on your distribution’s software configurations, you might have to install a couple of additional packages (dependencies) before you can install it. It’s a breeze in Fedora 22 due to the awesome dependency resolution ability of the new command-line based package manager, ‘dnf’, as it’ll take care of all the dependency resolution for you. So without any delays, please follow the below steps for installing it.

For Fedora 22 users:

First download the RPM package from here and then simply enter the below command (make sure to replace ‘FoxitReader_path‘ with the actual path of the downloaded file):

sudo dnf install FoxitReader_path

And that’s about it, now you should have it installed!.

For Fedora 21 users:

Now I don’t have Fedora 21 installed, but after having a look at the dependencies that were thrown at me in Fedora 22, I think the below command should do the trick (if it doesn’t, use the comment section to ask me questions):

sudo yum install atk avahi-libs cups-libs gdk-pixbuf2 gmp gnutls gtk2 jasper-libs libXcomposite libtasn1 nettle p11-kit trousers

Now use the same link as above to download the FoxitReader RPM package and then enter the below command (again, replace the ‘FoxitReader_path‘ the downloaded file’s path):

sudo yum localinstall Foxit_Reader_path

Hopefully, that should do it. Enjoy!.

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