“Innovation is not my Highest Value – It’s Human Rights”, Says Richard Stallman

Unless you’re like really new to GNU/Linux or open-source software in general, I don’t really think anyone needs an introduction who Richard Stallman is. In a nutshell he’s the person who created the GNU philosophy.

He’s also known for making bit harsh comments (highly relative since most are misinterpreted by others) from time to time and ironically, I don’t think him and Linus Tovalds have the same views about GNU either.

Anyhow in his latest interview (done by RT.com) (02 December 2011 to be precise) I caught the above quotes. Now unlike Richard, some believe that software are just tools to achieve the desired goals thus it doesn’t really matter whether it’s proprietary or GNU licensed as they’re just “tools”.


Some like Mark Shuttleworth seems to believe that the core developers and creators of GNU/Linux have got “it” a bit wrong, that they’ve created a philosophy that’s fundamentally flawed while keeping thing in perspective.

So that GNU philosophy in general has to “evolve” in order to “survive the true human nature” (although he doesn’t say it straight forward yet I urge you to read his post (which is really good btw) as he’s meant that in a subtle sense, or at least that what I felt after reading it)).

I’d very much like to know Stallman’s view (or the “message” that GNU carries concerning those matters) about those matters. Well, in a way that quote of his kinda answers that question doesn’t it? But I wish that if I could ask it directly from him that would be cool, or maybe not 😉 (hmm, perhaps I should try to interview him).

Anyway the interview is about almost 12 minutes. So here’s the whole video. Enjoy!.(well some might not 😉 ).

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