Improve SMPlayer’s Audio Output Responsiveness [Tip]

Recently I noticed that whenever I try to increase or decrease the audio level of SMPlayer in Ubuntu (15.10) through PulseAudio’s sound icon on the top panel, there’s a small (but noticeable) delay before audio output level change takes place. The same phenomenon is present when I’m using the built-in volume slider of SMPlayer too.

I haven’t found a way to fix the delay that takes place when using the built-in volume slider of SMPLayer, but if you experience this issue too and if you primarily use the PulseAudio icon of the top panel (or the keyboard shortcut) in Ubuntu to change the audio levels, then you probably be able to fix it by using the below procedure.

To do that, first open SMPlayer & then from the menu go to: Options --> Preference. Or once SMPlayer window is opened, you can use the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut to open the Preference window as well.


Then from Preference window go to: General --> Audio, and change from pulse to alsa under Output driver, as shown above.

Once you’re finished changing it, click on the Apply button. It’s not necessary re-open SMPlayer for the changes to be applied but just do it to be sure. After that, play something using SMPlayer and try changing the volume level through the top panel icon and see if it has improved the responsiveness. I don’t know why the built-in volume slider isn’t affected by this, it could probably because of a bug (just a guess).

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