Image Tuner: Batch Image Resizer, Renamer and Enhancer for Windows

“Image Tuner” is a simple and a useful tool that lets you easily rename, resize and enhance (don’t count on for a lot of features though) large number of images (batch processing) in MS Windows.

You can add files/folder by either using the built in buttons or can just drag-n-drop as well. True its main window looks simple, but under its “options” pane (to the right-side), you’ll find a reasonable amount of options too.

Few main features …

*. Shows info about the added images such as their name, resolution, image type and the path (you can also get the “properties” window by right clicking on each image).

*. Change the output/”save-to” folder.


*. Change the output image resolution manually by entering the numbers or you can use built in “presets” (iPod, iPhone, Facebook, DVD NTSC/PAL etc) and can also use a “percentage” values (came in handy for my needs :)).

Make sure to select the proper setting from the “Resize by” option first (whether you’d like to use the “Percentage”, “Preset Size” or “Custom Size”).

*. Enable/Disable keeping the aspect ratio.

*. Switch between several image resizing (scaling) algorithms such as: lanczos3 (default), Linear, FastLinear, Bell, Bilinear etc.

*. Add a “watermark” and configure settings such as its opacity and the position.

*. Converts into other image formats (including adjusting their quality based settings) JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF.

*. Enable/disable batch renaming (can give a custom name, of course).

*. Add few image enhancement filters such as: Rotate, Flip, AutoSharp, Colorize (change Hue and Saturation), adjust Brightness/Contrast/Saturation and add “Round” effect to image (beware that high values will take a reasonable amount of time to process).


*. Once you’ve made the changes, just click on the Green looking “Play” button which should process the images (also shows you an output).

If interested, you can get it from this “Image Tuner” home page (the installer tries to install the “Ask Toolbar” for your web browser, if you don’t need it, then make sure to cancel it). Good luck.

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