Image-Squeeze: Portable Batch Image Resizer for Windows

“Image-Squeeze” is an open source (GNU GPL v2 licensed) batch image resizer that can be used in MS Windows. Please remember that it’s an extremely simple tool and if you’re looking for something that’s rich in features (ability to add picture enhancing effects etc) then this is not for you.

But if all you want is to resize images with ease, then “image-resizer” is pretty useful nonetheless. It’s also portable as there aren’t any setup files, comes with a single executable (compressed), so you should be able to put it in your USB drive and carry it around as well.

Few main features …

*. Supports the following image types: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIFF.


*. While adding images to the list, you can use the “Add Image” dialog box or can drag-n-drop too.

*. Change output resolution manually.

*. Enable/Disable maintaining the aspect ratio.

*. Has a built in simple image viewer.

*. Once you made the changes, hit the “Squeeze” button and it’ll put all the converted images into a folder called “Compressed” in the same location where the “Image-Squeeze” is located.

That’s it!.

If interested, you can get in from this “Image-Squeeze” Google Code page if you like. As mentioned earlier, it’s a compressed package. So after the downloading completes, extract the file inside, copy it to somewhere, and start resizing your images!. Good luck

(oh man, this is such a short post, I feel cheap! ;-)).

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