QMP3Gain: Free MP3 Volume Normalizer for Windows


Audio volume gaining or normalization is the process of adjusting the audio level of an audio file (increasing/decreasing) and saving the changes permanently (so you don’t have to manually up/down the volume every time you play a track). This is …

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Checksum Verifier for Ubuntu Linux – HashCalc


Because in GNU/Linux Hashsum or checksum calculating tools usually come installed with the OS, if you know your way around the command-line then calculating or verifying a file’s integrity isn’t that difficult. By since I just wrote about a Checksum …

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Best Free Encryption Software – TrueCrypt


Data encryption is one of the best ways of protecting your sensitive data from data thefts and other security vulnerabilities. And normally data encryption can be divided into two main categories. Either into Hardware encryption (independent of the OS because …

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