How to Disable Low Disk Space Warnings in Ubuntu Linux?

This is another post for the Ubuntu newbies since the average users do know this :). If you’re ‘greeted’ with low disk space warning messages in Ubuntu which can be both annoying and might even slow down your PC for few seconds while loading the desktop and want to know how to disable them, then follow the below steps.

Now, you can either do this when that message arrives and clicking on “don’t show this again” check box which should disable it only for that particular partition. Or you can completely disable this for all your disks or partitions by using the below method.


In newer Ubuntu versions that use the Unity desktop (11.04 and 11.10 Oneric Ocelot) you can press “Alt” + “F2” keys and search using the below text and launch the utility.

disk usage analyzer


OR, since this is actually a Gnome app called “Baobab”, in older or all recent Ubuntu versions, you can just type the below command in your Terminal window as well.


This should open a new window as shown in the first screenshot. Now from its menu go to:

Edit -> Preferences

And simply uncheck the partitions that you don’t want “Baobad” disk utility to analyze and generate those low disk space warnings as shown in below screenshot. However you cannot remove your Root partition from its table (“/”) which is understandable since a user should be notified when him/her is about to run out of space in the system partition.


That about it actually. Obviously, you can always undone your changes via the same window in the future as well.

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