How to Disable Automatic Disc Integrity Checking in Brasero?

If you use Ubuntu then you’ll find our little friend Brasero 🙂 which is the default CD/DVD burning utility. Although personally I’m not that fond of it because being a Gnome app, it’s extremely simple and doesn’t let you tweak a lot of things. Forget about changing “a lot of things”, it won’t even let you change the “buffer size” of the burning device, which sometimes is a necessity.

Anyway, I’m not gonna ramble about that and to be fair, if you love simplicity and looking for an app that lets you easily burn CD/DVDs … then Brasero is not that bad after all. But even if you love it, by default it comes with pre-enabled a feature called Checksum, a data integrity checking mechanism and every time I try to burn an optical disc this plug-in makes Brasero check for its integrity and it takes time and it is annoying!.

If checking for integrity is important to you then you should leave it as it is otherwise you can follow the below steps to disable it.

Oh man, not again! ….

When this message comes, then of course we can always click on the “Cancel” button (which is the best option for most) but if you want to disable it completely then this is one way to do it.

1. First open Brasero and from its menu go to:

Edit -> Plugins

2. This should open-up plugins window (as shown below) and under both “File Checksum” & “Image Checksum), make sure to remove the check-boxes to disable this feature.


That’s it.

But as said, Checksum actually enhances the integrity of the data, so if you want to check and create an image checksum of a disc later, then you can manually re-enable it through the same window (before burning the disc of course).

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