How to Add files from Nautilus to Totem Playlist in Ubuntu?

Totem is the default multimedia player that comes with Gnome desktop and is also “shared” by Ubuntu’s Unity. It’s not really a player actually but only a front-end that uses the Gstreamer multimedia framework.

And personally I don’t use Totem at all because for my needs it lacks some serious configuration features. But if all you want is to play “something” with ease and needs a player that looks clean and minimal then Totem is “cool” in its own way too ;-).

One problem with Totem is that you can right click on a file and add it to its playlist. It just doesn’t workout that way. But luckily there’s a Nautilus Script that lets us do exactly that and it’s called “Add to playlist (totem)”.

adding-a-file-to-totem-300x157 How can I install it?

1. First download the script from this official Gnome apps page. Then extract the content and copy the file called “Add to playlist (totem)”.

2. Now open your “Home” folder in Nautilus and press “Ctrl” + “H” to show hidden files.

Now go to (folder): “.gnome2” -> “nautilus-scripts” and simply paste the above copied file into the folder as shown in below screenshots.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Now whenever you come across a file that’s playable through Totem media player, just right click on it in Nautilus and from the menu choose: “Scripts” -> “Add to playlist (totem)”. You can add as many files you want and they’ll all be added to Totem’s playlist. Enjoy!.

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2 thoughts on “How to Add files from Nautilus to Totem Playlist in Ubuntu?”

    • Hi,

      Thanks ‘retnan’. However, while trying to install it on Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu Software Center gave me the following error …

      ‘Dependency is not satisfiable: libnautilus-extension’ (>=2:30)’

      By the way, I’m using Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit and there is only a 32-bit package available plus, I have not updated 12.10 since I installed the OS, so perhaps that could be the case. Any ideas ?


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