Latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 Driver Fixes ‘Hybrid Boot’ issue on ‘Vostro V131’ Notebook

While it lasted, I really enjoyed the ‘hybrid boot’ feature of Windows 8 because it significantly improved the boot-up times of Windows 8 on my Dell Vostro V131 notebook.

But as soon as I installed the GPU driver for the Intel HD 3000, ‘hybrid boot’ stopped working. It is however, worth mentioning that, at that time I had to install the driver that came for Windows 7 as there was no official Windows 8 driver for the GPU, thus I would not blame Windows 8 for the issue.

Anyhow, I tried removing the Windows 7 based driver as an attempt to fix the problem, but it failed. This is understandable as even when you remove a driver that you previously had installed manually, not everything gets removed completely (most of the time), thus the whole idea of trying to revert the changes, and get back the original driver that came with Windows 8, did not work.

New power saving feature (‘refresh rate changer’) in the latest driver …

Then like 2 months after the Windows 8’s release, Dell released a new GPU driver that officially supported Windows 8. So out of my excitement, I immediately installed this driver, but it too failed to fix the problem.

You know, I do not usually install drivers from the original manufacture as they sometimes have proven to be troublesome and less efficient in terms of performance, as the third party vendors (‘Dell’, in this case) make changes/tweaks of their own to the hardware (overclocking etc).

However, after the frustrations of not being able to enable ‘hybrid boot’, I decided to see if Intel has a new GPU driver. And as it turned out, they in fact did have one that officially supported Windows 8 (although it is not exactly ‘new’ as it had been released a couple months ago).

So I installed this latest driver ‘’, rebooted the computer, re-enabled ‘hybrid boot’ and then shut it down, and guess what ? it worked! :). This new version of the driver also comes with a new power saving feature that lets you enable/disable lowering the refresh-rate as well.

Ahh finally 😉 …

Now I do not know if it was just me who was having this ‘phenomenon’, but if you are having troubles with ‘hybrid boot’ and have a Dell Vostro V131 notebook (or an Intel HD 3000 for that matter), then why not try this driver ? (make sure to select Windows 8, 32-bit or 64-bit, from the ‘Select an Operating System’ option) Good luck.

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