Get Detailed Information of your Hardware & Software in Ubuntu 12.10 with ‘Hardwareinfo’

If you want to get detailed information of your computer in GNU/Linux (Ubuntu included of course), then it can be done using the command-line. However, using a GUI tool is always handy as they are very easy to use and newbie friendly as well.

‘Hardwareinfo’ in that sense, is a new GUI utility that lists your current hardware and software information in Ubuntu. As you can see from the below screenshot, it has a very simple user interface, with lots of buttons. When you click on these various buttons, they will list the hardware or the software related information below them.

It supports fetching various information about your individual hardware, such as the Product (the model name of your computer) Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, RAM, HDD, VGA card, Webcam (though it failed to identify my Webcam) Audio cards, Network Adapters, Battery, USB ports, Sensors, Slots, memory consumption related info and more.


If you prefer to get all of these individual hardware related details on a single window, then you can use the the ‘General information’ tab (default). And in there, you will also find a button that shows the maximum supported RAM size, Ubuntu OS related information (OS name, Code name, version etc), ‘BUS’ information and a button that gives you a nice HTML output of all these details as well.


Under the ‘Kernel information’ tab, you can find the currently loaded ‘Kernel modules’, Device drivers, Boot image, logged in users, various network related data (executing the ‘route’ command, network status, running ‘ipconfig’ etc) and view various logs (Kernel, Xorg, System etc).

However, as you might have noticed from the above image that, when comparing with some other tools, it just shows these details on a plain text area. Therefore, sometimes, the data fields are not aligned with the description fields above them.

Being said that, I like this tool because it gives a lot of information about your computer, it just needs a little refinement, that’s all :). So hopefully, this will be fixed in the future. But again, for a new tool, it looks good.

I have only tested in Ubuntu 12.10 and not sure if it will work on other versions though (supports both 64-bit and 32-bit versions). If interested, then please download the latest ‘.deb’ package from this page and once the download completes, double click on it and Ubuntu Software Center should do the rest for you. Good luck.

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