GPDFTool English Version is Released (Ubuntu)

GPDFTool is a simple PDF meta data editor that can be used in Ubuntu Linux (might also work in other distributions too). If all you want is to edit the details of a PDF file such as the Title, Author, Date Created etc or add additional details such as Keywords, ModDate plus change permission settings with ease, then GPDFTool is a pretty handy tool.

However, the previous releases only supported the English language partially. Sub headings, some buttons, file open boxes, warning dialogs were in French. Although this was not a big issue because it’s quite intuitive and adding new meta-info etc supported English. But having had a complete English translation wouldn’t have hurt :).

The developer (“AnsuzPeorth”) asked me whether I could help him translate the app into English, and so I did. As a result, if you’re a GPDFTool user, then you’d love to know that now “Anusz” has released it with full English support! :D.

It’s not the only change, and according to “Ansusz”, now it has fever dependencies and the application UI is now implemented using Glade2Script (another project of his) as well.

Although I won’t go into details about the app, as I’ve already written about it. If you want  to try it out, then please get it from this GPDFTool Google Code page and then follow these instructions that I’ve written for the previous version (it should also work for this version). Thanks for “Ansuz” for updating it :). Enjoy!.

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