‘When’ is a New Task Scheduler App for GNOME & Ubuntu (15.10 …) Users

When it comes to scheduling tasks in a Unix-like server environment, ‘cron’ is the preferred choice among most system administrators & engineers. ‘cron’ is however a command-line based utility, and if you’re a desktop user who’s looking for a task scheduler, then something with a GUI is what makes a whole lot of sense 🙂 . … Read more

Ubuntu 15.10 Review: Less Exciting & Largely Unchanged

Largely unchanged, Ubuntu 15.10 (code named: ‘Willy Werewolf’) is a less exciting release, well, for those that use the desktop version at least. Kernel is updated to version 4.2, X.org to 1.17.2, Compiz and Unity desktop version is still at 7.3.2 (the same version included in Ubuntu 15.04) without any major features as well. The default set … Read more

Ubuntu 15.04 (vs 14.10 vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Demands A Little ‘Spanking’, But Rocks Afterwards!

Ubuntu 15.04, code named ‘Vivid Vervet’, does not include any significant changes from an end-user’s point of view, although, as far as system administrators & perhaps (low-level) software developers are concerned, a significant change  has taken place because with this release, Ubuntu has switched to the widely accepted (but ironically heavily criticized) ‘systemd’ ‘init’ system … Read more

Performance Based Ubuntu 14.10 (vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Less Responsive (can be fixed) & Boring

Summary: In terms of performance, Ubuntu 14.10 is slightly degraded (except for the power consumption) compared to 14.04 LTS, but is still a stable release. I firmly believe that it is a fundamental mistake to release a new version of any operating system every six months (there should at least be a 10-12 months time-frame). … Read more

Get Distraction-Free Update Notifications on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (& 13.10) with ‘update-notifier’ Indicator

Everyone knows the importance of keeping their operating system up-to-date, but in Ubuntu, I hate it when the ‘Software Updater’ opens up and sticks itself onto the ‘Application Launcher’, a major distraction. A better alternative would be to simply notify the user through a simple notification, but that is not how it is done in … Read more

‘Limoo’ is a Minimalist Image Viewer for Ubuntu (14.04 LTS etc) & Other Distributions

‘Limoo’ is an open-source, QT 5 (user interface designer) based image viewer for GNU/Linux users who have a thing for minimalist & a bit fancy looking applications. It is however, is merely an image viewer and is not an image manager, like Shotwell. It lets you browse through folders (with thumbnails/previews) & you can set … Read more

‘ocenaudio’ is a Fast & a Free Audio Editor for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Windows & Mac OS X

‘ocenaudio’ is a features rich, free audio editor for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X, operating systems. Although it runs natively under Ubuntu and looks very intuitive, the interface has a native Mac OS X look which is my only complaint. It supports lots of audio formats (covering both importing & exporting) and loads them pretty … Read more