How to Create a RAM Disk in Ubuntu Linux (15.04, 15.10…)


RAM disk is a virtual disk drive that’s mounted in your RAM. And because it’s located in RAM (Random Access Memory), the main benefit is its staggering speed. In situations like video rendering or editing and gaming etc, by having your files …

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Install SMPlayer 15.11 on Ubuntu 15.10 & 15.04


SMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player preferred by many GNU/Linux users due to its versatile features and it has just been updated to the version 15.11 (including SMTube — its YouTube client, runs independently), bringing minor changes & bug fixes. Despite …

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Ubuntu 15.10 Review: Less Exciting & Largely Unchanged


Largely unchanged, Ubuntu 15.10 (code named: ‘Willy Werewolf’) is a less exciting release, well, for those that use the desktop version at least. Kernel is updated to version 4.2, to 1.17.2, Compiz and Unity desktop version is still at …

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