Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Review: They Did it Again!


Linux Mint is one of the most popular (GNU/Linux) operating systems around, and according to‘s popularity ranking factor, for many years now Linux Mint has been on the top 3 most popular distributions (now it’s actually the number one!, surpassing Debian …

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Erase a CD-RW in ‘Linux’ (Command-line)


I have a USB DVD writer (Imation ‘Slimtype’) and the other day I tried to erase a CD-RW that I haven’t really used in a few months using Brasero DiscBurner (in Ubuntu 15.10). It had some data on it and …

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How to Create a RAM Disk in Ubuntu Linux (15.04, 15.10…)


RAM disk is a virtual disk drive that’s mounted in your RAM. And because it’s located in RAM (Random Access Memory), the main benefit is its staggering speed. In situations like video rendering or editing and gaming etc, by having your files …

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