Gnome OS updates: Introducing “Boxes” (Virtualization Management)

Gnome developers are quite busy these days because they’re creating an operating system of their own. The name could change but these days we call it “Gnome OS” (obviously). Few days ago, Jon McCann (a core Gnome contributor) in his blog shared some of the updates concerning the upcoming Gnome OS.

Now I don’t know whether it’s a common thing with GNU “believers” but I certainly don’t like the idea of the cloud computing. Because centralization of “power” of any kind is certainly not the most wisest thing to do. But then again, I’m just a PC user who’s rambling and as software developers, well, your choices are quite limited.

This as a result has kinda “forced” (or maybe not) Gnome hackers to integrate strong cloud computing features into their upcoming OS if it wants to survive the future. And it seems that they’ve decided to call this feature “Boxes”.


In Jon’s own words…

Boxes is designed to be the easiest way to use or connect to applications running on another Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Whether the system is virtual and local, a home computer you need to access from the road, or a centrally hosted corporate login — we’ll get you there…

They’ve designed a UI already using Vala (a programming that simplifies things) which looks pretty good. It’s a bit dark (Black and Blue colors) and that because to keep your focused on your virtual world they say.

Now I’m not gonna talk about it more than this because they already have set up a dedicated Gnome Boxes page which explains pretty much everything. However under “Goals” they say that currently “Boxes” aren’t designed for “Enterprises” and their needs so if you’re thinking about using it as a solution at your work place … then might be disappointed.


This is understandable from Gnome’s perspective. It’s always easy to deal with users rather than “Enterprises” because Gnome’s well known for sudden radical changes which are not always easy to “perform” under those type of environments because the responsibility is too high.

Remote access made easy!…

Now I’m not saying that hackers are irresponsible group but as the history has shown they need a little “space” of their own so it’s always easy to deal with the usual users (like you and me) rather than aiming at Enterprises where changes should occur according to the needs of the Enterprises rather than the designers.

But that being said, I do love Gnome (it was my first ever GNU/Linux desktop!) and have a lot of respect for what they’ve done in the past too :D.

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