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Although some people are very good at it yet most finds it extremely difficult to learn a foreign language. You gotta go through a proper training with vocabulary, grammar and other exercises which are not that easy (okay I’m talking about me here :)).

Anyhow, since nowadays most of us have become completely obsessed with computers, if you’ve been looking for a software application that can help you learn vocabulary (in many languages) with ease, then OpenTeacher is a good looking tool that you can try.

It’s an open source software, completely free (both as in freedom and costs 0$$ ;-)) and can run in MS Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OSX .


Main features…

*. A clean UI that’s newbie friendly.

*. Although I’m pretty sure the “list” will grow in the future but currently it supports: Arabic, Trad. Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish for languages.


*. Manually entering words and their equal words in other languages can be a bit of a hectic task but OpenTeacher do let you use online free courses such as WRTS so you can easily import/exports word lists with ease.

*. Supports symbols (Greek & Cyrillic).

*. Once you’ve completed a lesson it shows your progress with right and wrong answers in a simple report.

*. Smart question ask mode: It’ll take random words rather than just following the list you entered from A to Z.

*. A “think answer mode” which basically lets you “think” about the answer rather than typing the words. Afterward you can choose “I was right” or “I was wrong” buttons as the input method.


*. You can tweak some of its settings by using the “settings” window as well.

If interested, you can install OpenTeacher in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, 12.04 Precise Pangolin, 11.04 Natty Narwhal (might also support 10.10 and 10.04, not sure though) by first downloading the “.deb” package from this OpenTeacher download page (which also includes packages for Windows, Mac OSX and few other GNU/Linux distributions).

Then when the downloading completes you can double click on the file and the Ubuntu Software Center should install it for you.

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