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Now I don’t know about you, but from my personal experience, though at first it takes a bit of time and effort but when learned, touch typing can be an extremely useful skill. A little while ago I reviewed an awesome typing tutor called Klavaro which is an extremely newbie friendly application. But apparently it’s not the only one out there (duh! :D).

If you’re looking for a & free touch typing tutor that can be used in Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux (including Ubuntu) then TIPP10 is another one that you can try. According to the developer, TIPP10 comes with a feature that analyzes the user input and give you back the words/text you mistype quite often for reducing the typing mistakes.

Main features…

*. It written in Qt toolkit (I think), for this review I’m using it installed in Ubuntu 11.10 and works really well without issues.


*. Supports both QWERTY and Dvorak layout (although it seem to have the “Deutchland Dvorak” version instead of US one) that can be changed with ease.

*. Has few built in start-up “tips”.

*. ‘Beeps’ whenever an error occurs (I make sure to keep it disabled :D).

*. Lessons include Home-Row, Capitalization, numbers, paragraphs and few others.

*. ‘TIPP10’ also block whenever you make an error and unless you correct it, you won’t be able to go further into the lesson.

*. You can view your current status (speed, accuracy, completion percentage of the lessons etc) and importantly view the error rate of individual fingers & letters. They do come in quite handy while trying to enhance the speed.

Err me fingers! ;-)…

*. Change the duration of a typing lesson.

*. CPM based speed calculations (it would’ve been nice if we could change it to WPM).

*. Pause lessons (which is pretty handy if you wanted to take a little break without losing the speed calculations).

*. You can even create a lesson of your own!.


*. Change Font sizes, type and background colors and set speed “goals”.

These few among its main features to mention.

If interested you can download it from this official TIPP10 download page. If you use Ubuntu, then you can easily install TIPP10 in 11.10, 11.04, 10.10 plus all the way down to 6.04! from that page (link is located at the top of the above link).

Now, as we type many of these typing tutors move the text from right to the left (which is also the case with TIPP10) but I find this feature a bit annoying actually and for this reason if you use Ubuntu, I’d still prefer Klavaro. But that being said…


… if you want an easy to use, completely free typing tutor that can be used on MS Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux plus that has the ability to help you reduce the typing errors by observing your input, then TIPP10 is a pretty neat utility.

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