Excellent Free Download Manager for Windows – GetGo!

It’s true that any web browser comes with a simple download manager of its own. But most of the time it’s pretty much useless for the serious downloaders :). Usually they can’t resume, schedule or most importantly they can’t give you accelerated speeds which can make a big difference while downloading big files for instance.

So if you’re looking for a free (no ads, no malware… completely clean, at least according to Download.com) advanced download manager that can accelerate your usual downloading speeds then try ‘GetGo’.

But remember, this is only for the Microsoft Windows users and won’t work in other OS platforms. It has a lot of built in features (more below) and really user friendly too. But it doesn’t support Google Chrome. What!?, yep :).


You can still use it with Chrome by manually entering the URLs. But it can be hectic.

Main features…

*. Automatic URL fetching.

*. It’s frequently updated. Currently supports the latest versions of IE and Firefox, including their older versions (starting from IE 7.0 and Firefox 3.0 and up)

*. Resume/Pause and Schedule downloads.

*. Batch downloading support.

*. Excellent video/audio downloading support such as: MetaCafe, Vimeo, MySpace, DailMotion etc.

*. It even shows a “preview” of the downloaded files.

*. Change downloading file priority.

*. A built in network bandwidth monitor.

*. Add/Remove categories easily for keeping the downloaded file organized.

*. Shows “Downloading Speed”, “Size”, “Time Remaining/Elapsed”, “URL” etc.

*. When deleting a file, GetGo actually “Shred” it (secure delete) for additional security!.


*. A dropbox window for adding files with drag-n-drop.


These are of course some of its main features. If interested, you can get it from this Official GetGo home page. Good luck!.

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