Easily Merge PDF Files in Windows 8 Using ‘PDF Merge’

‘PDF Merge’ is a very simple tool that lets you merge PDF documents with ease. Since it requires ‘.NET Framework 4’ to run, it should work natively in Windows 8 (as it comes with ‘.Net 4’ installed by default) and according to the developer, it also works on Windows 7 too.

It is an open source tool (GPL licensed) & other than merging the PDFs, it also lets you scan a document (from its windows) and then add it as a PDF file, change the order of the added PDF files, shows their sizes, names, pages, location and opens the merged PDF file automatically.

It is a very new application which is still at its ‘Beta’ stage, yet it worked pretty well in Windows 8. Its window however does not support resizing. It is not a big issue, but the default size of the main window feels like a bit bigger, so hopefully, that will be ‘fixed’ in the future releases.

'PDF Merge' running on Windows 8

Also, other than using the provided button, you can drag ‘n’ drop the file for adding to the list & before adding a scanned image, you can rotate them as well.

If interested, then please download it from this ‘CodePlex’ page.

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