‘DrWright’ Reminds You to Stop Typing and Take a Break

If you type a lot daily, then it is important to take breaks, as it helps your hands to relax and thus reducing the risks of having wrist injuries. Not just your hands actually, we, as computer users, should make a habit of going away from the computer at regular intervals, as it helps your whole body to relax, specially the eyes.

When talking about the eyes, it is proven that, artificial or man made lights, such as the ones that are being emitted from LEDs, LCDs screens etc, are bad for the eyes. I for example, have been having ‘eye floaters’ for a while now, and my doctor says that is because my eyes are dried out a little, because I have been starring at my computer screen for longer periods, continuously.

Now, I used to believe (still do to some extent) that the reason technology has been associated with so many health issues lately is because it cannot really imitate nature, as it is still ‘immature’. Well, I’m sure that it is nowhere near its ‘peak’, but even if something is at its peak, if used unwisely, it can create problems (as the saying goes, ‘too much of anything is good for nothing‘).

But, there are some recent discoveries (although they are not discussed by the ‘mainstream media’), such as this one, that makes us draw conclusions that are alarming.


Anyway, let me come back to the topic.

If you are a GNU/Linux user who’s looking for a utility that forces you to take a break from typing, then ‘DrWright’ is for you. Though it only forces you to take a break from your typing, because of the way that it does that (by locking the screen, reducing the brightness and displaying an ugly timer at the middle), it also kinda forces you to leave the computer and take a ‘full’ break as well :D.

‘DrWright’ has the following features:

*. You can change how long the ‘work’ and the ‘break’ intervals last.

*. Enable the ability to ‘postpone’ a break (disabled by default).

*. Automatically notifies you one minute before the ‘Typing Break’ occurs (shown below).


Installing it …

Fedora users:

You can install ‘DrWright’ on Fedora 18, 17 & 16 by entering the below command on your Terminal.

su -c 'yum install drwright'

You can open it by searching for it (using the term ‘typing break’ not ‘drwright’) on GnomeShell or you should also be able to find it on the ‘System Settings’ window as well.


Ubuntu users:

There is a PPA available for Ubuntu users, however, it only supports 12.04 LTS. But you can manually download those ‘deb’ packages and install ‘DrWright’ on Ubuntu 12.10 too.

(I tested it on a 12.10 Live USB, thus it did not able to lock the screen but it should be able to do it on an installed environment, if I’m not mistaken).

So, for 12.04 users, please use the below commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:drwright/stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install drwright

For 12.10 users:

Download the 32-bit ‘deb’ package from here or the 64-bit ‘deb’ package from here. Once the download completes, double click on it and use Ubuntu Software Center to install it.

Again, you can either search for it in ‘Dash’ or can access its configuration window from the ‘System Settings’ window. That’s it!.

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2 thoughts on “‘DrWright’ Reminds You to Stop Typing and Take a Break”

  1. Thanks for the tip!
    You should take a look at Workrave [1] too. It’s a similar program I personally like more and use daily, as it has built in exercises to perform within the breaks.
    Available in the Ubuntu repository, not sure if it’s in the default Fedora repository.

    [1] http://www.workrave.org/


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