DClean: Temp File Cleaner for Windows

For various reasons, computer programs create temporary files in our hard disk drives while running. Some of these files are automatically removed (when closing the program) and some are only removed upon user requests. The “history”, saved passwords or the “web cache” of your web browser are few examples.

Operating systems too create temporary files of their own (such as “recent files”, log files etc) as well. But the thing is, removing these files manually is a difficult task. But then again, there are lot of tools (both free and premium ones) for doing that and some support a large number of individual programs (such as “CCleaner” for example).

However, if you’re looking for an open source (GNU GPL licensed) tool that’s completely free to use and supports decent amount of programs, then you might wanna try “DClean” (= “disk cleaner”).

Although my below screenshot doesn’t seem to show that it supports a lot of software programs, but that’s because I haven’t installed a lot of programs, and “DClean” only shows removing temp files of those that are already installed in Windows (which makes sense :D).


Few main features …

*. Removes temporary files from:

1. Internet Explorer.

2. Mozilla Firefox.

3. Google Chrome.

4. Java Run-time files.

5. Microsoft Office recent files (not sure if it works with the 2010 edition though).

6. Recycle Bin.

7. Recent documents.

8. Temporary files of Windows.

9. Adobe Flash Player files.

10. Media Player Classic (default multimedia player in K-Lite Codec pack).

11. IZArc (file compression tool).

12. Recent files list from the “Regedit” utility.


13. Dialog Boxes and their temp files.

14. Windows’ Log files.

*. You can also use its “Preferences” window to tweak few other things such as: Change temporary file “age”, enable/disable Internet Explorer offline cache removial, enable/disable removing empty sub-folders plus few other options.

*. You can also add/remove presets as well.

It might support more programs, but these are the ones that I can confirm (and according to the developers, you can expand its features using plugins too). Some features such as Windows Log file cleaning is disabled by default. For that you will have to run it with administrative privileges (by pressing the “Run as Administrator” button).

If interested, you can get it from this official DClean home page.

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