CyoHash: Hash Checker & a Calculator for Windows (Explorer Integration)

If file Hash Checking or calculating is something that you usually do, then having to open the dedicated program and load files into its window etc is a bit of a time consuming task (other than batch file processing).

But for dealing with individual files, if we can somehow integrate that function into the Windows file Explorer’s context menu for instance, wouldn’t that be great? :).

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should try “CyoHash”. It’s an extremely simple Hash checker (validator) & a calculator that integrates into the file explorer’s right click menu. So you can right click on an any file and perform hash calculating or checking with ease!.

Main features …

*. Supports the following algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (base 32), SHA 256, SHA 384, SHA 512 and CRC32.


*. Supports both generating and calculating file hashes.

*. Integrates into the file explorer’s menu.

Yup, that’s it!.

The installation is pretty simple. Just get it from this CyoHash home page and install it.

Now, select a file and right click on it. From the context menu, choose: “CyoHash”, next, choose the preferred algorithm and it’ll generate the hash automatically for you.


If you want to check the hash, then click on the “validate” box and paste the original hash value (make sure the generated hash algorithm is as same as the one used while creating the original hash file). If it’s a match (verified) then you’ll see “Valid” output in a Green background. If the file is corrupted, then you’ll see “NOT valid” in a Red background. That’s it.

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