“CreatingPasswords”: Password Generator for Ubuntu Linux (Portable)

“Creating Passwords” is a pretty simple & a straightforward password generator that you can use in Ubuntu Linux. It also comes as a single executable file, thus no installation required, so you should be able to use it as a portable application as well (if you use a USB drive with NTFS/FAT 32 file systems then make sure it is mounted with program execution enabled).

It’s a relatively new application, licensed under GNU GPL but doesn’t seem to include the source code in the project page though.

But then again, these are not important issues for the most end-users and if all you need is a tool to easily generate passwords in Ubuntu, then “CreatingPasswords” should help you do just that ;-).


Few main features …

*. You can create passwords by adding: lower and upper case characters, include numbers, symbols and change the length (maximum “64” characters).

*. It has an another tab that lets you include your own “phrases” (by giving answers to questions) so the password will hopefully be an easy to remember one. The questions include:

Your favorite (color, animal, movie, sport, TV program), your name, how many broken bones you have (yikes!), color of your eyes, your middle name, favorite musical genre, who’s your boss is (errrr ;-)) etc. Or, you can manually add your own question and then use those information to generate a password as well.

Yep, that it.

If interested, you can get it (it executed without any issues in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot) from this “CreatingPasswords” project page. Simply download the compressed file and then extract its content to somewhere (say to your “Home” folder).

Then simply double-click on the file called “creatingpasswords” and it should open a window similar to the one shown above.


Any issues?

Well, as mentioned above, it ran without any major issues. However, once you open the application, its windows just sits on the middle of your screen and you cannot simply move it anywhere (since it doesn’t have a “minimize” button, “close” button is your only way out ;-)).

That’s my only complain which might well be a bug. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent looking application.

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