Create MP3 Ringtones using ‘MuseTips’ Ringtone Maker (Windows)

‘MuseTips Ringtone Maker’ is a simple application that lets you quickly create a ringtone in Windows. The only major drawback is that it only supports the MP3 format. Other than that, it is extremely user friendly and lets you create a ringtone in three simple steps called: ‘1: Pick it, 2: Cut it and 3: Save it’.

Supports playing the loaded MP3 from its window, comes with two sliders (‘markers’) for selecting the end and the beginning and also lets you fade in the volume at the beginning and fade it out at the end of the playback as well (both can be disabled).

But you cannot change any other setting such as the bitrate, sample rate etc, instead it uses the original settings from the source file. It also does not support file drag-n-drop, so you’ll have to use the ‘Open’ dialog box while opening MP3 files.


Because it automatically renames the output file, the original won’t get replaced or, you can manually change the save location as well. That is pretty much its functionality.

But be aware that, when installing it tries to install a web browser toolbar and a registry cleaner of which most users are better off without (they are not viruses or spyware of any kind. But …). So make sure to press the ‘Decline’ button when it asks you to install them.


If interested please get it from this page. Good luck.

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