‘MVC’ Lets You Convert Videos into Mobile Device Friendly Formats

Lot of mobile devices do not support playing more than a handful of multimedia formats (‘carefully chosen’ by the manufactures), though most of the time, their hardware are quite capable of doing so. One good example would be Apple products such as iPhone, iPod touch etc.

Others that run on open source operating systems such as Android are more ‘conservative’, although, there can be occasions where you have to convert a multimedia file, before your mobile device can play it (let’s say the hardware is not powerful enough to play the original file).

Anyhow, whatever your reasons are, if you are looking for an easy to use multimedia converter that lets you convert almost any multimedia file into mobile device friendly formats easily, then you should try ‘Miro Video Converter’ (‘MVC’).


It comes as the built-in multimedia converter with the extremely popular multimedia player known as ‘Miro‘. ‘MVC’ however, is a separate application and does not need ‘Miro’ to run.

It also is not a new tool, but when comparing with the previous versions, the user interface has undergone some nice changes and more devices support has been added to the ‘presets’ list as well.

It uses ‘ffmpeg’ as the engine and one of its key features, as shortly mentioned above, is that it comes with built-in ‘presets’ for a lot of popular mobile devices. Once chosen, they automatically take care of setting up the correct resolution, bitrates, frame-rate etc for meeting the multimedia standards of those devices.

In other words, you can drag your source files into its window, choose the proper device from the ‘presets’, hit the ‘Convert to …’ button, and you are done!.

Below is a small list of supported devices:


Samsung Galaxy (Y, Mini, Ace, Admire, Charge, S, S II, S Plus etc), HTC (Wildfire, Desire, Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, Sensation etc), Motorolla (Droid, Droid X2, RAZR & Zoom), Zanyo (Zio), Apple (TV, Universal, iPad, iPad 3, iPhone, iPhone 4+, iPhone 5, iPod touch etc), Kindle Fire and Playstation Portable.

‘MVC’ does no let you adjust a lot of settings, in fact, other than changing the resolution, aspect ratio and creating thumbnails (to be used as Cover-arts), you can’t change anything else.

It also supports converting multimedia files into more general formats such as MP4, Theora, WebM (SD, HD resolutions), converting into audio-only formats (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis) and ‘Ingest Formats’ (AVC Intra, DNxHD, Prores Ingest) are also supported.

‘MVC’ can be used in GNU/Linux, Windows (including Windows 8) and Mac OS X. Packages are available for Windows and Mac users, unfortunately, unless you are willing to compile it, distribution based packages for GNU/Linux are not available.

If interested, then please get it from this page.

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