Properly Configuring ‘MAFF’ MIME Type & Association on Ubuntu 12.10

As I mentioned in my previous article, ‘MAFF’ is a great web page saving format that has many benefits. However, unlike in Windows operating system, when you try to open a saved ‘MAFF’ file using Firefox in Ubuntu (or in GNU/Linux in general), you will run into problems.

First of all, because ‘MAFF’ is actually a ‘ZIP’ file format, Ubuntu will open them using the File-Roller (archive manager) instead of using Firefox. Secondly, Ubuntu will display the ‘.maff’ files using the icon that’s being used for ‘ZIP’ files and it can become quite confusing.

The reason for this mix-up is because the ‘MAFF’ file format or its extension (to be precise), does not get registered properly and therefore, the OS does not know which icon it should be using to display files that have the ‘.maff’ extension and what program it should use for opening them.

After fixing the issue …

This however, is easily fixable. Now I have only tested this on Ubuntu 12.10 but it should work on 13.04, 12.04 and other recent versions. I will also keep the ‘descriptions’ at minimal to keep the article short and sweet ;-).

Step 1:

There is a GUI tool called ‘assoGiate’ that lets us edit MIME type with ease. So open your Terminal and enter the below command to install it first.

sudo apt-get install assogiate

Step 2:

I have uploaded a XML file that can be loaded into ‘assoGiate’ which automates the task of adding this new MIME type for ‘MAFF’. First download the file from here. It’s compressed, so extract the file inside (called ‘maff.xml’) to somewhere.

Step 3:

Now open ‘assoGiate’ with sudo’ (administrative) privileges by using the below command.

gksudo assogiate &

Step 4:

Then from its menu go to: ‘Database’ -> ‘Import Types…’ and locate the extracted XML file and load it.


Step 5:

You can change tweak some of its settings if you like (such as adding an icon). For that, click on the Search icon and search for ‘maff’ and select the newly added file from the search list. Then double click on it and it will open a configuration window similar to the below one.


Again, you don’t have to change anything, as almost everything is added automatically from the ‘maff.xml’ file, except if you don’t like the default icon. If you add an icon however, make sure not to move it, otherwise the icon will be missing.

Once everything is finished, just exit ‘assoGiate’ window and now you are done!.

Credits: The custom XML file was created by using the guidance provided in here.

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  1. Hi,

    These are instructions that I’ve been looking for ages.

    But unfortunately, [assogiate] is no longer developed, and its package not available in Ubuntu 12.10 onwards because of unfixed bugs.

    Is there any alternative program (even in the command line), that could work with your fix?


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