How IoT Can Help to Reduce Carbon Footprint


There has been so much buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) technology influencing various industries, showing that the world is entering a period of advancement. IoT has proven that the things we could only imagine have now become a …

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How to Improve the Performance of My WordPress Site


Assuming your WordPress site’s speed is fine because it “doesn’t feel slow” to you is a common mistake beginners make. Modern browsers have caching functions and automatically retrieve your site, so it loads quickly on your computer. In fact, it …

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Is DDR5 Worth It? or Just a Costly Upgrade?


DDR5 RAM, the latest iteration in the DDR memory series, has been making headlines in the tech world due to its various advancements over its predecessor, DDR4 RAM. As with any new technology, the question arises — is DDR5 RAM …

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7 Things You Need to Do After Being Hacked


Are you aware that hackers lurk everywhere, waiting to pounce on your precious data? With thousands of new malware being created daily, protecting your devices from these attacks has never been more important. A hack occurs when someone gains unauthorized …

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