dom: Command-line Based Domain Name Checker for Ubuntu Linux

If you need to check for a domain name and its availability without having to open your web browser and going over to a d-name registrar etc (which is a bit of a long process), then you should try this tool called “dom”.

It’s written in Python (a front-end that uses the “” API), run only in GNU/Linux and is a command-line based tool. But for its purpose I think it’s more than enough.

Main features …

*. Supports checking TLDs : .com, .net, org, .pe, .ki, .ee, .ge etc.

*. Get additional information about the domain dame (such as expiry date, registrar, name servers or “who-is” info in other words).


*. Gives name suggestions.

That’s it!.

Installation …

If interested, you can install “dom” by using the below steps (I’m using Ubuntu Linux, but the steps should be very similar for other distributions as well).

1. Dom needs a python package called “python-setuptools”. So before doing anything, we gotta install it first.

For that use the below command in your Terminal window.

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools

2. Now get the archive from this official “dom” page at GitHub. Then extract the content to somewhere (say to your “Home” folder).

3. Now, open your Terminal window and change your directory to the extracted folder. Then simply enter the below command to install it.

sudo python install

4. That’s it.

Now, whenever you want to launch the program, change over to this extracted “dom” folder in your Terminal window and enter the below command.

dom your-domain-name

Replace “your-domain-name” with the actual one.

For instance, let’s say that I wanted to check for “ubuntu-linux”, then I’d use something like the below command.

dom ubuntu-linux

Available TLDs are displayed in Blue and the ones that aren’t available are marked with a cross in Red as shown below.


And if I wanted to know more about a domain name (expire date, owner etc) then I’ll use the below command (using the “-i” argument).

This however won’t give me the details but will create click-able links that I can go to (from the command-line of course) to get more info.

dom -i wikipedia


To get an available list of commands, you can use the below command.

dom -h

That’s it. Good luck.

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    • Hi Phil,

      You’re welcome. Concerning the question, I don’t think it’s possible directly through the tool as it just uses ‘Domainr’ API…


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