Cleanup ‘Nepomuk’ Database & Improve Performance using ‘nepomukcleaner’

‘Nepomuk’ is the file indexing framework (somewhat similar to ‘Zeitgeist’) of KDE desktop that is designed to let users to search and find files fast, plus, other applications can also access ‘Nepomuk’ database for improving the user experience as well.

However, my previous encounter with it under ‘openSUSE 12.2 KDE‘ wasn’t that impressive. It was buggy, used too much memory while running from the background and even stuck the desktop for a few seconds upon login, so I decided to disable it completely.

But over a short period, it has received a lot of improvements, or so it seems because the one that you get in ‘openSUSE 12.3 KDE’ is extremely impressive!. It loads seamlessly with the desktop, I’m not sure whether it uses less memory, but it ‘feels’ lightweight & doesn’t cause the desktop to stuck no more.


Now it even has a tool called ‘Nepomuk Cleaner’ that scans the database and improves the performance by cleaning it up (at least according to the developers). This nevertheless is a very useful feature as if you have a lot of files indexed in ‘Nepomuk’, then as with any database, it needs to be cleaned-off of the invalid/buggy data.

How to open it ?

Pretty easy actually. You can put the below command in your Terminal (‘Konsole’).


And that should give you its main window (GUI).


Or, you can search for the below term in the ‘Startmenu’.

nepomuk cleaner


And can open it from there as well.

Once the utility is opened, just hit the ‘Start’ button and it’ll do the rest for you.


Please remember that, depending on the size of your database, it might take a while to finish (even as long as 24 hours, if its big and messy :P).

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