Checksum Verifier for Ubuntu Linux – HashCalc

Because in GNU/Linux Hashsum or checksum calculating tools usually come installed with the OS, if you know your way around the command-line then calculating or verifying a file’s integrity isn’t that difficult.

By since I just wrote about a Checksum generator, I thought giving you another tool (GUI) for checking Checksums would make sense too :).

Sigma Informatics offers a free Checksum calculator and a varifier called “HashCalc” that can be used in GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OSX . It’s actually a portable app and once extracted, you can take in anywhere too. .

Main features…

*. Supports Hash sum generating via algorithms such as: MD5, Sha1, Sha 256, Sha 386 and Sha 512.


*. And then comparing the “Hash” file with the original code (of course).

It’s a pretty simple tool, you just load a file to its window, hit the “generate” button to generate the code and then copy and paste the original “Hash sum” and paste it. Then hit the “compare” button and that’s it!.


It’s completely free to use but I’m not sure whether it’s open source or not though. And the installation in Ubuntu (including many other GNU/Linux distributions) is pretty simple too. Below are the steps.

1. First download it from this Sigma Informatics HashCalc page (also holds packages for other platforms) and then extract the content, say to your desktop for instance.

2. Now go into the folder and locate the file called “hash_calc_32” and right click on it and choose properties (I’m using Nautilus file manager).


3. Then once under “Permissions” tab in the Properties window, click on the option “Allow executing file as program” and then close the window.


4. Now just double click on that file (“hash_calc_32”) and if asked choose “Run” and it should open its main window almost instantly. That it!.

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