‘WaveShop’ is a Free Audio Editor for Windows (Portable)

‘WaveShop’ is a free & open-source audio editor for the Windows operating system. It’s also a ‘bit-perfect’ audio editor & thus, the audio that is loaded into ‘WaveShop’ will be the same that’s rendered to the sound output device, without adding any filters, unless chosen otherwise. You can ‘Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete’, ‘Undo/Redo’, ‘Select/Deselect’, ‘Zoom in/out’ etc with

Securely Shred files in Windows using ‘BitKiller’ (portable)

‘BitKiller’ is an application that lets you easily delete files & folders securely (beyond the ability to recovery them later). It is open-source (GPL licensed), free to use and doesn’t need to be installed either, so you can use it as a portable application as well. It can only be used with files or folders,