Best Cross-Platform CSS Editor – CSSED

Although I’m not a web designer of any kind but as a blogger, when it comes to tweaking things here and there in my website I do have to deal with a little PHP and CSS files. While editing CSS files, both Windows and GNU/Linux have excellent free tools available (for my work a features rich text

Free (Cross-Platform) Typing Tutor – TIPP10

Now I don’t know about you, but from my personal experience, though at first it takes a bit of time and effort but when learned, touch typing can be an extremely useful skill. A little while ago I reviewed an awesome typing tutor called Klavaro which is an extremely newbie friendly application. But apparently it’s not

Cross-Platform ID3 Tag Editor – EasyTAG!

The term “Tag Editing” actually refers to editing of a certain type of “meta-data” content inside of a multimedia container. This “meta data” is what holds information such as the “Artist Name, Year, Genre etc” and is used by the file manager to display these details when we move our mouse over these files and

Free Cross-Platform Music Player – aTunes

aTunes is a features rich open source, cross-platform ready music player written in Java. It’s actually a front-end that uses either Mplayer or Xine as the playback engine. It can be used in GNU/Linux, MS Windows and Mac OSX and has a GUI that’s very similar to iTunes, Banshee & other players that follows the