Blogger introduces the ‘Custom Permalink’ feature!

Other than being a ‘owned’ by Google, another reason why I decided to switch over to ‘WordPress’ (blogging software) from ‘Blogger’ was because its lack of features or controllability in general (plus I like ‘WP’ better because it’s open source ;-)). However, ever since I left ‘Blogger’, Google has been adding more and more new

CMOS Powered Chip Power Consumption reduced by More than 50%!

If you’re not much of a geek then perhaps the name “CMOS” (stands for: Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) might sound like an alien life form 🙂 (kidding). It’s actually a technology used in manufacturing various types integrated circuits (used in TVs, Computers, Microprocessors and in almost all never electronic products). According to a company called SuVolta (which