‘When’ Task Scheduler Gets a PPA, Adds Battery Based Events…

  ‘When’ is a task scheduler application for the Ubuntu desktop users that comes with a set of handy events based configuration settings for defining when a scheduled task should be executed, as mentioned in a previous article. Since then, ‘When’ has received a couple of minor changes, mainly concerning the events where now the users

Install SMPlayer 15.11 on Ubuntu 15.10 & 15.04

SMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player preferred by many GNU/Linux users due to its versatile features and it has just been updated to the version 15.11 (including SMTube — its YouTube client, runs independently), bringing minor changes & bug fixes. Despite its features, I think it looks ugly, something that’s designed for kids, which is mainly

Ubuntu 15.10 Review: Less Exciting & Largely Unchanged

Largely unchanged, Ubuntu 15.10 (code named: ‘Willy Werewolf’) is a less exciting release, well, for those that use the desktop version at least. Kernel is updated to version 4.2, X.org to 1.17.2, Compiz and Unity desktop version is still at 7.3.2 (the same version included in Ubuntu 15.04) without any major features as well. The default set

Ubuntu 15.04 (vs 14.10 vs 14.04 LTS) Review: Demands A Little ‘Spanking’, But Rocks Afterwards!

Ubuntu 15.04, code named ‘Vivid Vervet’, does not include any significant changes from an end-user’s point of view, although, as far as system administrators & perhaps (low-level) software developers are concerned, a significant change  has taken place because with this release, Ubuntu has switched to the widely accepted (but ironically heavily criticized) ‘systemd’ ‘init’ system

How To Disable Low Disk Space Warning in Ubuntu 14.10?

Ubuntu comes with a disk space usage analyzer (GUI) called ‘Baobab’ (Gnome application). Other than displaying the disk space usage using pretty charts, it also used to include an option that lets you disable low disk space warnings, but there is no such option anymore in the version that is included in Ubuntu 14.10. If

Ubuntu 14.10 Released

You know, posting news was never my ‘thing’, which is why one does not get to see a lot of news articles on my blog. That said, even lazy geeks like me cannot ignore when a new version of Ubuntu gets released. So for the sake of my readers who are not yet aware of, behold!, Ubuntu