BwgBurn: Simple CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burning tool for Windows

BwgBurn is a pretty simple, free and open-source (GNU GPL v2 licensed) optical disc burning tool that just works :). It only supports  Windows and has a pretty basic UI (user interface) and you might not get pretty looking windows (plus icons, as they’re a bit ugly looking) or other fancy stuff.

However, as said, if you want to burn CD/DVD, heck, even Blu-Ray discs (did not test Blu-Ray disc burning though) without much of a hassle, then BwgBurn is still a pretty decent utility that’s worth trying. Another benefit is that, it doesn’t use a lot of your system resources while running either.

Few main features …

*. Supports burning CD/DVD and Blu-Ray media.

Well, it ain’t gonna win any beauty contest though 😉

*. Create ISO disc images.

*. Create: Audio CDs, MP3 CDs and Rip Audio discs. But VCD and DVD video disc creation support not added yet.

*. Erase or Format discs.

*. Get advanced information about the loaded disc (actual size, finalized or not, Buffer size, etc).

*. It’s written for Windows XP (according to its home page) however, it worked really well in my Windows 7 PC too.

*. A log output window where it shows errors or other whatnot.

*. Change burning speeds. Please be aware that if you click on the “Burn” button, it’ll start burning the disc with its full speed at once!. So always use the “Settings -> Burn” from its menu, as it lets you change your burning speeds and enable/disable multi-sessions.


Yup, that’s it.

The burning window is a lot similar to the Nero Burning Rom (although there aren’t that many options) and you can either drag-n-drop or use the built in file explorer for adding files to your disc. Another thing, as mentioned in the beginning, the folder icons inside this window look a bit outdated (a bit ugly actually :D), however I don’t find it to be that much of a burden, because I don’t spend a lot of time with disc burning tools.

If you usually burn a lot of discs, then those folders can be a bit annoying to look at. And the software is at its “Alpha” stage (last updated 2011/2), but I did not have any issues while burning discs nonetheless.


It’s written in .NET 3.5, so before installing BwgBurn, make sure to have it installed first.

If interested you can get it from this BwgBurn project page.

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