Blogger introduces the ‘Custom Permalink’ feature!

Other than being a ‘owned’ by Google, another reason why I decided to switch over to ‘WordPress’ (blogging software) from ‘Blogger’ was because its lack of features or controllability in general (plus I like ‘WP’ better because it’s open source ;-)). However, ever since I left ‘Blogger’, Google has been adding more and more new features to ‘Blogger’ … a whole new look-n-feel for the ‘Blogger’ UI, new commenting system etc.

And few hours ago, they announced the availability of another long awaited feature called ‘Custom Permalinks’. In the past, when you write a post, by based on your post’s title, ‘Blogger’ automatically generates a URL (‘permalink’) for it. What happened most of the time was, if your post title was a bit long, then ‘Blogger’ will automatically shorten the URL and there was very little that you could do about to change it.

However, with the introduction of ‘Custom Permalink’ feature, now Bloggers can finally enter the URL for their posts which is good from both readers and ‘SEO’ (search engine optimization) point of view, and I’m pretty sure most would absolutely love it! :).

It’s only available through if you use the new Blogger UI and is available under ‘Post settings’ in the post composer window (as shown below).


You can change the URL of your posts unlimited times, but after you publish the post with a custom URL, you won’t be able to change it again (‘WordPress’ allows you to do even that). So make sure to double check the URL before publishing the post.

You can read this official announcement for more information.

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